Bar raised for borrowers tougher home loan serviceability tests

After the banking regulator imposed harsher serviceability requirements for house loans, some borrowers would likely find it more difficult to secure a mortgage. So, who will have the greatest impact?

From the end of October, the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) requires banks to employ a minimum interest rate cushion of 3% when assessing the serviceability of house loan applications.

This means that if house loan interest rates rise to 3% above present rates, banks will have to determine whether new borrowers will still be able to afford their mortgage payments.

According to APRA, a 50 basis point increase in the buffer will cut the average borrower’s maximum borrowing capacity by about 5%.

In a letter to the banks, APRA Chair Wayne Byres stated, “The buffer offers an essential contingency for interest rate rises during the life of the loan, as well as any unforeseen changes in a borrower’s income or expenses.”

What are the most vulnerable borrowers?

All new borrowers will be affected by the increase in the interest rate cushion.

According to APRA, the impact is anticipated to be bigger for investors than for owners-occupiers.

This is because investors are more likely to borrow at a higher rate of leverage and may have other debts (to which the buffer would be applied),” according to APRA.

“On the other hand, because they are more constrained by the size of their deposit, first-time home purchasers are under-represented as a fraction of borrowers borrowing a high multiple of their income.”

What does this mean for your chances of getting a home loan?

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