Beware, green thumbs one-third of vegetable gardens are poisoned with lead.

One of the most exciting aspects of moving into your own house is being able to do whatever you want with it, such as starting a vegetable garden. But did you know that lead is present in more than a third of Australian backyards? Here's how to receive a free soil analysis.

Gardening is similar to the process of purchasing a home.

You find a patch you like, start with small seedlings/savings, and then see it blossom into a profitable crop/asset with a little hard work.

More over half of Australian households, according to a pre-COVID research, grow some of their own food, such as fruit, vegetables, and herbs, either at home or in a community garden.

And since lockdowns drove many of us to get our hands filthy in the backyard, that number is sure to have risen.

However, there is one issue that you may have overlooked.

You know those nutritious vegetables you’ve been cultivating for your friends and family?

According to a new study based on Macquarie University’s ongoing VegeSafe initiative, the soil in which those vegetables are grown is contaminated with worrisome amounts of lead (more than 300 mg/kg) in more than 35% of yards.

Homes that were older, painted, located near congested areas, or in the city had the greatest soil lead contents, according to the study.

How to test your soil (as well as your home's dust levels)

The good news is that getting your home’s soil tested is both free and simple.

To learn more, visit the VegeSafe website, or jump right in and participate in the soil analysis study here.

Participants receive an official report detailing their soil results, as well as information and recommendations on what to do if their soils contain elevated levels of metals and metalloids.

Participants are asked to make a little $20 gift, which is not required but is greatly appreciated and helps to sustain the program.

It’s also worth noting that the same organization runs the DustSafe program, which tries to educate residents about potentially hazardous metals and other toxins in and around their homes.

Have your eyes on a piece of property?

So that’s how you navigate a veggie patch securely.

Get in contact with us immediately (sorry, not sorry!) if you’re seeking for some wise advice (see what we did there?) on how to finance the acquisition of that particular plot of land.

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