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We’ve been around for a while… as finance brokers since 1998, either helping to secure the dream of home ownership or just providing good honest advice! Our team has real experience – something you can rely on and what makes a difference when you need to find the right loan. Our easy process means securing that right loan is as simple as reaching out to us!



Our first step is to learn what you need, we’ll complete this with you or send you an easy online form.

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Research Options

Once we know what you need and your specific circumstances, we get to work, do the research and send you options.


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If you like what you see, you simply choose the loan that suits you and we’ll take care of the rest. Easy!

What are my options as a business owner looking for a business loan?

Businesses need funding to grow, whether it’s investing in equipment, tools or staff. There is a large range of business loans available from banks, non-banks and fintech lenders to suit many needs. These include small business loans and business loans secured by commercial or residential property, or business assets, as well as business loans that do not require security. With Premium Finance Group Australia, you can easily find business loan options to suit your business needs.

How do mortgage-secured business loans differ from others?

Often, a mortgage over residential or commercial property is used as security for a business loan. If the borrower is unable to continue to make payments, the security property can be sold to repay the outstanding balance. Some business loans are different because they are available even to applicants who do not own a property. In this case, the business and its assets secure the loan in addition to guarantees.

What documentation is required for a business loan application?

Document requirements vary based on the type and the size of the business loan you need. For example, the documents needed for a small business loan (up to $100,000) is generally a 1-2 page basic application with very minimal supporting documents.

We make the process easy by sending you a simple link online to complete everything with a few minutes or speak with us over the phone and in person.

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