Nine out of ten FHBs rely on brokers to assist them in purchasing their first home.

"Nine out of ten dentists recommend using [toothpaste brand]," says a well-known TV commercial. 'It turns out that when it comes to assisting first-time home buyers with their property search, we've acquired a similar level of trust.'

This is because nine out of ten first-time home buyers (FHBs) recently stated that they rely on a mortgage broker to assist them in purchasing their first home.

We’re also allowed to reveal our faces, unlike dentists!

So why do so many first home buyers trust mortgage brokers?

We’re pretty happy with the results of the Genworth First Home Buyer Report 2021, which surveyed 2,077 potential FHBs and 1,008 recent FHBs.

One respondent said the following:

Trusted = tick.

Jargon busters = tick.

Reliable advice and information = tick.

Valuable support = tick.

How we can assist you in purchasing your first house

To say the least, the property market has perked up during the last 12 months, as you may have noticed.

Many first-time home purchasers are dissatisfied because the suburbs they were formerly interested in have fallen out of their price range.

While this is true for many people, it isn’t always the case.

FHBs can take advantage of a variety of federal government programs, including the First House Loan Deposit Scheme, which allows you to buy your first home with a 5% deposit and not have to pay Lenders Mortgage Insurance.

A number of state and territory government programs, such as first home buyer subsidies and stamp duty reductions, are also available to help FHBs get a head start on the housing market.

Give us a call now for more information – we’d love to talk to you about your circumstances and help you make the transition from renter to first-time home buyer, and get you smiling as proudly as your dentist does!

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